Spring Renewal: A Holistic Cleanse

This cleanse is a portal into a healthier, more nourishing and more sustainable approach to eating and living. It will educate and empower you to take better care of yourself and to be your own best healer. 

Here are two thought provoking interviews with two renowned Doctors, both on the cutting edge of nutrition, health, and the mind/body connection. 

Interview with Dr. Lorein Cordain, Author of the Paleo Diet 

Interview with Dr. David Perlmutter, neurologist, and author of Grain Brain

Dates and times for the Cleanse:

March 20th, 6:00- 8:00pm : Welcome, Introductions, Overview & Acupuncture Treatment

March 23rd & March 30th, 5:30pm - 7:30pm : Semi private sessions with Sarah and Martha. Check In. Receive Acupuncture Treatment.

April 4th, 11:30am - 1:00pm : Savor & Celebrate Potluck Luncheon. Set maintenance goals.