Intentional Design

"...creating home and work environments that are in alignment with the healing forces of nature, thus creating spaces that naturally support and nurture the individuals that occupy them." - Nancy Santopietro author of Feng Shui and Health

 Intentional Design is based on the ancient wisdom that our well-being is directly influenced by our environment. Simply put, one's home will either enhance or detract from one's vitality. Intentional Design differs from interior design in that it is rooted in the timeless wisdom of Classical 5 Element Cosmology and the Daoist Art of Feng Shui. It considers the vibrational frequency and patterns in your home and, thus, in your life.

Using these ancient healing arts I assess the health of your home and create a plan to enhance its resonance & vitality. My gift is to design spaces that are inspired by the poignant restorative beauty of nature; that incorporate a thoughtful organization; and invoke a spacious tranquility.  Home sweet home can be just that, a font of joy, abundance, inspiration, restoration, & creativity.  

Feng Shui is predicated on the knowledge that each space in your environment reflects the subconscious and, most illness begins in the subconscious mind. As you wander through the following questions hold in mind the metaphor that home reflects the condition of body, psyche and spirit. 

Do the items in your home bring you joy? Do they inspire you? 

What is the interior life of your cupboards? Your refrigerator? Your closets?   

Are their spaces in your home that you do not visit given their condition?

What is 'hiding' in the attic? The basement? The shed?

Do you have plants? What is their health? 

Do you have a space in your home for your creative endeavors? 

What do you look upon as you gaze out each window in your home? 

Is it easy to move about your hallways?

Are your windows functioning well? Your doors? 

I am currently accepting new clients for Intentional Design. The initial consultation and all visits take place in your home.  Please email me with questions and/or to schedule an appointment.