The NADA Protocol

The NADA protocol is a systemic auricular acupuncture treatment that I love offering in community and professional settings.  The intent of this entry is to share the specific benefits and details of this treatment.

The NADA treatment is designed to deeply relax the nervous system, nourish & soothe the heart-mind, and support the body's ability to detoxify physically & emotionally.  When receiving the NADA protocol you will receive 5 pins in each ear. You can sit comfortably in a chair or recline on the floor. Once the pins are in place you will rest quietly for 30-45 minutes while your body receives the treatment. 

Below is a list of the specific benefits of each point:

Point One:

This point is associated with the Earth element and the season of Late Summer. It embodies thoughtfulness and the ability to give not only to others, though also to tend to oneself. It supports the ability to digest not only physical nutrients in terms of food, though also the ability to assimilate one’s life experiences on mental and emotional levels. It signifies balance and a home where one can feel nurtured and thrive. 

Balances the sympathetic nervous system (calms the fight-or-flight response)
Relaxes the internal organs
Calms the spirit

Point Two:

This point is associated with the Fire element and the season of Summer. It embodies partnership and the ability to manifest one’s full potential in all areas of existence. 

Alleviates pain
Calms the mind
Relieves anxiety, depression, insomnia and restlessness
Can be helpful in reducing hypertension
Supports the ability to connect to one’s own spirit and to connect with others


Point Three:

This point is associated with the Water element and the season of Winter. It embodies the ability to sit with the unknown and invoke deep listening so one can proceed with courage even amidst fear. This point supports one’s innate power and will. 

Supports hormonal functions
Supports urinary functions
Relieves fear
Supports receptive listening


Point Four:

This point is associated with the Wood element and the season of Spring. It supports the ability to plan effectively and embodies the qualities of flexibility and clarity of vision – enabling one to perceive a wide range of possibilities in the midst of challenging situations. This point engenders creativity.

Supports physiological and hormonal functions
Relieves muscle cramps
Aids clear thinking
Supports creativity
Relieves frustration, anger and depression
Supports one’s sense of life direction


Point Five:

This point is associated with the Metal element and the season of Fall. It supports one’s ability to connect to that which inspires and aids in the ability to let go of that which no longer serves – just as the trees allow their leaves to fall in order to prepare for a new cycle of seasons. 

Supports one’s sense of self-respect
Regulates pores
Aids in the processes of grieving and letting go
Supports inspiration and connection to a higher power


Acu Detox information courtesy of NADA. 
For additional information please visit:

Community Acupuncture at Gallery 788 April, 2015

Community Acupuncture at Gallery 788 April, 2015