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Gentle Yoga & Acupuncture Honoring the Waxing Moon

Join me on Friday evening,  April 15th,  for a beautiful candle-light meditation, deeply restorative acupuncture treatment, gentle yoga and more relaxation. The acupuncture treatment harmonizes the emotions, calms the heart-mind, and supports the body's ability to detoxify.  Stretch. Breathe. Unwind. And open to the intelligence of your being.  

This workshop is an opportunity to nurture the yin, still, and introspective aspect of your being. A time to balance the achieve, accomplish, & acquire mentality that predominates our culture.  

Please join me in this celebration of body, breath & waxing light. 

I'll be bringing Citrine, the principle stone for Abundance, to potentiate our meditation. Call in what you are wanting to birth in your life.