Autumnal Cleanse: Reset & Renew!

autumn cleanse image bycurtis-macnewton-12713.jpg
autumn cleanse image bycurtis-macnewton-12713.jpg

Autumnal Cleanse: Reset & Renew!


September 19th - October 3rd, 2017

Tuesdays, 7:00 - 9:00PM

Join Martha R. Rogers, owner of Full Moon Acupuncture, and Rebecca King, founder of Blue Print Acupuncture, for a 14  day holistic Cleanse. Re-align with the wisdom of Nature. Nourish body, mind & spirit.

-Eliminate Inflammatory & Allergenic Foods

-Learn to create meals that balance blood sugar levels

-Cultivate self-awarness around cravings & habits that don't serve

-Benefit from community support & accountability

-Let go of viewing your body as machine and into providing deep nourishment for your whole being

Take time to re-align with the Seasonal energies. Eliminate refined & processed foods; relearn how wonderful it feels to deeply nourish yourself. We will meet three Tuesday evenings to share a seasonal potluck, inspiration/teachings, and offer one another support. Following our group meetings each participant receives the NADA Acu Detox treatment to foster the capacity to let go and restore.

Some of us loose weight yet all of us loose the heavy burden of living out of alignment with our own bodies and the earth.

Early Bird Pricing is $200 + $6. service fee = $206.00


 $231.00 (This price reflects the $6.00 service fee for paying on line. If you would prefer to drop a check at the office you will not have to pay the $6.00 fee.)

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Early Bird Discount ends on September 1st.

$206.00 before September 1st, 2017.

$231.00 after September 1st, 2017.