Seasonal Renewal Cleanse

kale & Lemons by helena-yankovska.jpg
kale & Lemons by helena-yankovska.jpg

Seasonal Renewal Cleanse


April 3rd - April 17th

Wednesdays, 6:00 - 8:00PM

Join me for a 14  day holistic cleanse.  Eliminate refined & processed foods; realign with the wisdom of your body; restore adrenal health & digestion; and relearn how good it feels to nourish yourself on a deep level. We will meet three Wednesday evenings to offer support, inspiration and share a seasonal potluck. Each meeting concludes with the NADA Acu Detox treatment. The community aspect is an incredibly enriching part of the experience.

This Cleanse, while about food, is also about cultivating awareness & compassion around habituated thoughts & patterns relating to food. This cleanse borrows from the wisdom of mindfulness practices , Classical Chinese Medicine, Paleolithic principles and the benefits of eating local, seasonal foods.

Some will loose weight yet all will shed the burden of living out of alignment with your body.

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