What People are Saying about Acupuncture:  

"Two years ago I started treatment with Martha for anxiety/depression issues and a life that felt too constricted. During this time I've been able to stay off medication and to try dance and yoga classes that have been a joy. Beyond this, I have gained an understanding of Five Element theory that has guided my approach to each season. Martha is a compassionate and intuitive healer who uses acupuncture but also herbs, stones, and real listening with patients who heal and grow due to her care." - Annie M. Age 63

"Martha has helped me over the past 2 years deal with crippling anxiety, severe back pain and a slew of other smaller issues that I didn't realize were affecting my daily life until they were gone."   Meg F. Age 28

" I love Full Moon Acupuncture! Martha is a gifted practitioner and healer."    - Genny D. Age 46

"I have had the opportunity and benefit of Full Moon Acupuncture in my life for over 2 years. To have Martha's intuition, sensitivity, knowledge and experience in  each session is a true gift." - Gail G. Age 44

What People are Saying about the Seasonal Renewal Cleanse:

"The Cleanse was one of the most important gifts I have recently given myself.  Although I have read about the Whole 30 and done several Whole 30s, I got more out of this program because of the human element . . .  It was wonderful to share the food we all brought. " - Sherine, Age 53

"As I mentioned during the first meeting, I love my wine, coffee, and bread . . . by the second week  I had lost 10 pounds and was feeling healthier. Due to the improvement in my mood, health, and wellbeing, I decided to continue the cleanse . . . I haven't had any migraines since the second week and lost a total of 17 pounds. The weight loss was important for me . . .  but I gained much more. " - Robin, Age 34

"I have not done a cleanse before and thought it wouldn't work. However with your guidance . . . I found the overall experience good.  The most important thing I learned was how much 'poison' I put into my body and, how I can live without caffeine and sugar." - John, Age 56